Saturday, 12 January 2013

Photo post!

Birthday Celebrations at the Bastille, looking over the city of Grenoble. October 2012.

Ready to celebrate for mine and Cassie's birthdays.
L-R, Benoit, Tate, Me, Kate, Chantal, Eve, Verity and Cassie

Birthday celebrations at the Bastille

Drunken Bastille bubble photos!
Birthday celebrations in Milan with Granny and the Rev. 12th-14th October 2012.

Il Duomo, Milan. Yeah, I went to Milan for my 22nd birthday.
Il Duomo at night

I got told off for lying on the ground to take this photo.

Yeah, we didn't get the blue snails either.

The best gelato ever!!!

Teatro alla Scala

At the Ballet with my Granny <3

La Scala

Copy of the Holy Shroud in Turin.

Fête des lumières,Lyon. December 8-9th 2012. 

Being welcomed to Lyon with cake and beer!! 

Fête des lumières

 First ever skiing trip, les Deux Alpes. 16th December 2012.

New Years in Lyon 2012-2013.

Grenoble January 2-6th, 2013

Mont Blanc

Jardin du thé

2 Pots of tea, 3 types of cake....


Annecy, January 3rd 2013. 

First snow of the year. End of October 2012.