Sunday, 15 April 2012


Its always fun when an email starts with:
"I am pleased to inform you that you have passed the eligibility and quality assessment stage for applications to France and we will now be proposing your application for a post".

Suppose it's official - I'M MOVING TO FRANCE!!

What freaks me out the most is that I'm moving to France in 4 AND A HALF MONTHS!!! That's like, tomorrow, or it feels like it anyway. I've now finished lectures for the year and I'm convinced that with every day that goes past with me not going to a lecture, the more French words leave my head leaving me with the really random ones that I'll never be able to get into a conversation. :/ Maybe I should start preparing myself a bit more by reading books and watching films and researching bank accounts, phone tariffs, ERASMUS grant deadlines and finding somewhere to live. Maybe after my exams are done, and I know where I'm going to be living.

Far too excited, bouncing around like a child on speed at Christmas in a sweet shop with Santa in Disney. =D

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