Sunday, 2 December 2012

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas...

... And given that it has snowed all day pretty much, this is looking to be entirely possible. More that this, I'm actually beginning to get excited when it snows. My Mama and Bro will be the first to tell you I HATE snow and have done since I was little. When every other child was running out to play in the white stuff, I was running in the opposite direction, desperate to get out of the cold, wet slush.

I'm half way through the second half of the term with 3 teaching weeks left before I'm home for that most wonderful time of the year! My classes have been mostly successful. By "mostly" I mean that 99% of the students were interested in Guy Fawkes and were impressed by the video I showed them of what could have happened if he hadn't been caught and only one student has stormed out on me, crying, leaving me feeling a little bewildered and lost. I'm going to count the lesson as successful as I myself didn't break down and cry, nor did I swear at him but did in fact remain rather calm and realised that I had probably turned into my Grandmother when she was a teacher. This thought stresses me out more than the actual event. :/

The Christmas markets opened the last weekend in November and it is definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas, especially since some of neighbours put up some really tacky flashing Christmas lights and all the lights in town have been turned on. Happy days! I've done all my Christmas shopping at the markets in town and can now enjoy wondering around with friends, trying to find the stall which sells the best vin chaud. Its tough, but someone has to be drunk by 3pm to do it!! *hic!*

This weekend coming (8-9th) I'm heading up to Lyon for Fête des lumières with Verity and we're going to be staying with one my of closest friends here. I can't wait! I promise to take too many photos and bore you all with them when I get home! It should be a weekend filled with shopping, good food, great friends and many, many laughs. :)

The weekend after I'm hoping to take my first bambi on ice steps towards learning to ski. There will be a whole new post about how successful that is. My goal is to not eat too much snow and not break anything. *Fingers crossed*

For now, I'm off to plan some more lessons, eat some more bread, drink more, vin chaud and not stop smiling about how much I love my life right now!!


  1. Ahh I'm so excited you're learning to ski!...and kinda jealous you're going haha. Let me know how it goes!

  2. Anonymous2/12/12

    Dear Lotte, I saw an update on my news feed on facebook and just spent the last half hour reading about your year thusfar :)
    I'm glad you're doing so much that you've always wanted to and it sounds amazing. Over christmas I will have to drive up and see you for a while, until then have a great run up to christmas and please come back in one piece, its hard to have a drink with someone who happens to be in several!

    Much love, Rob (thats a nice castle)

  3. Carol3/12/12

    Sounds like u still having a fun time :) Millie sat wiv me at the mo as we have both just read your blog. She wants to see u skiing so lots of pics of that plz :) She says she loves u and cant wait until u come home!!!! We are now on the official countdown for that as the calendar has turned and we can now see 'Lotte home for Xmas' Have fun ova the next couple of weeks and we'll see u very very soon. Huge hugs and lots of love from us all <3 x