Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Christmas and New Year

So my last post was the week before I went skiing for the first time. Yeah, that wasn't everything I expected it to be. After insisting to Darren that I wasn't going to fall over at all, the first thing I was "taught" was to fall over. I then proceeded to spend the rest of the day pretty much lying on my back or getting up from lying on my back. I think I enjoyed the day. I'm certainly going to give it another go and have some lessons as the guy that was supposed to be "teaching" us didn't and when I told him I was going to ski down the mountain even if it took all day he replied with "I haven't got all day. Let me carry your skis down." Gee, um thanks?! I'm not going to lie, it knocked my confidence a bit but I have just booked a full day of skiing on Thursday and on Saturday, complete with lessons. :)


It was amazing to be back at home with everyone. When I didn't come home in October, I kinda missed everyone but was ok because I was busy and there was lots to keep me going. Once I got home, I realised how much I had missed seeing everyone, having cuddles and just general chats and giggles with my famalam. Now I'm back in France, I'm a little homesick! However, I am home in 2 weeks for the February half term and I'm looking forward to trying to catch up with everyone again! I had an amazing Christmas, and was very lucky on the gift front too! Everyone should have by now received a thank you letter, if you haven't, blame either postal system!

So, I landed back in good ol' Blighty on the 22nd, stupidly excited to be back. After catching up with Darren and his friends over lunch I crawled  into bed at 8pm (in my head it was 9pm so fully justifiable!). The following morning we headed back up to S-O-T to see our folks for Christmas and my Mama was bouncing on the front doorstep waiting to give me a hug (by that, I mean she held on as though she hadn't seen me in like, 4 months or something..... ) Christmas was busy, I don't think I stayed in one place for more than 2 nights, but I managed to catch up with everyone, including one very special little girl who I have missed just as much as she has missed me. So, I'm sorry Moo that this post has taken me nearly 2 months to write, but now you get to have an extra long story time!! :D

Darren and I flew back to Grenoble for NYE in Lyon. This was supposed to be super romantic and the best New Year's we'd had but thanks to my family either having a cold or winter-vomiting virus, I was super ill and ready for bed at 11pm. The amazing plans I had got really excited about ended up nearly falling through due to said illness (thanks fam, I love you too!) but we made it to the hotel in Lyon just in time to order room service and spend seeing in the New Year with the man who arrived with Darren's food and wine at 11:58pm and didn't leave 'til 12:05. A.W.K.W.A.R.D! I was feeling well enough to very quickly show Darren the city before we got back to Grenoble to finish off our week together. We had a lovely if not cold day in Annecy, which the Boss prefers to Grenoble. Can't say I blame him, Grenoble is a bit of a ghost town... (See previous post for pictures!)

I've been back to work for nearly 6 weeks now, and I can't believe how fast time is flying by!! I've managed to sort myself out being an au pair for about 3 months over the summer when I've finished work, which I'm really looking forward to. I spoke to the Mum last night on the phone and she told me all about where they live and what she would like me to do. So, come the 1st May, I'm moving to Orleans for 3 months to look after the youngest of 4 kids, speak French daily and maybe even learn a little bit of German and Italian too. Excited is an understatement!!

So, Skiing.
Its official, I love it! I've been trying to go every week on my day off and have lessons. Last week, I managed to do the whole day without falling over. RESULT! The week before however, I managed to fall and bang my head pretty hard and ended up with some pretty cool bruises and the week before THAT, I had a panic attack. So, a week where I didn't fall over makes me feel like I won the Gold at the Olympics. :)
After half term, I plan on starting to learn to climb. Mama, Papa, don't worry I promise to wear a helmet!!! :D


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