Tuesday, 28 February 2012

What's your name and who would you like to meet from history?

It was one of those moments when you go "Eugh! Why did my parents even give me a name I can't remember?!", and then trying to think of someone really impressive and intelligent from history. Not gonna lie, I blanked at my own name, I had no chance of thinking of someone uber cool from history. In the end, I settled on Kings and Queens like Henry VIII as I wanted to know if he was as fat as everyone makes him out to be now. Smooth one Lots.

In a group of 4, we then had 30 mins to prepare a 30 minute lesson plan. Not as easy as it sounds. Even harder when you're competing with 3 others in their final year, one of whom lives in Paris, another has Canadian parents and all three have previous teaching experience from their year abroad. Little fish, big pond much? Anyway, I pretty much settled with what they wanted to do as otherwise, we were never going to have a lesson plan. It was alright. Its never fun when the group preceding you has exactly the same lesson plan, and presents it much better than you. Crap.

Come my individual interview, I was shaking like a leaf and had convinced myself I actually knew NO FRENCH whatsoever. I think they understood me. Either that or they were nodding just to humour the crazy lady that had somehow managed to find her way to the British Council Head Office.

I've made my choice of where I want to go if I'm successful! Beaupré s'il vous plait! Its not far from Québec city and looks pretty online. And it has lots of hospitals and medical centres near by so my Mum will be happy. Not that I intend on visiting, but just in case I do something silly like, I don't know, go skiing and fall over, or wrestle with a bear for some salmon........

In 2 weeks time, I'll know if my application has been successful, and then its onto applying for a work permit, which could take up to 15 weeks to complete.

Fingers crossed.



  1. I hate interviews! I always feel like I'm on the back foot - especially if I know I really want it!

    I do hope that you are successful. How many places are up for grabs and how many people are grabbing?

    (And, by the way, PLEASE get rid of this horrible word verification. I ditched mine months ago and have had no problems whatsoever. It's a pain in the proverbial!!)

    1. Hod do I do that?? :/ xx